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The Aragonese Community Nursing Association (AECA) is a group of nursing professionals working in the field of Family and Community Health Nursing in Aragón. We are federated and we are part of FAECAP (Federation of Associations of Community Nursing and Primary Care) which is a statewide association.


The Association aims to group all the professionals of Nursing in Aragon, with concerns to promote a circle with its own identity, to be heard in all forums where community nursing and Primary Care plays an important role

To achieve this goal, we work and collaborate with the different associations in the field of health, establishing communication channels with the health administration and with all the professionals that support our professional concerns.

The Association is necessary to create a state of opinion regarding our collective is to go in defense and promotion of a better Public Health.

Because we need the voice of Nursing Primary Care, is heard in the various committees and scientific meetings of our region, to which, without professional scientific association, we have no access, and we need to establish links with the rest from Spain and even from Europe.

Because we think that improvements in the quality of care go through improvements in our training and professional recognition.

We want to tell you because we believe and understand that this partnership must bring together all the group of primary care nurses Aragon because:

  • We work in a very specific field.
  • The objectives are the same and we have similar problems.
  • A reform is pending that will affect us all in the same way.
  • To be present and participate, in the development of the professional career.
  • The specialty of Community Nursing is to be developed.
  • Research projects in Primary Care Nursing should be strengthened.
  • The stagnation of protocols forces us to work on them and expand them.
  • We must develop new fields of action and collaboration with other members of the EAP.
  • To inform the population about the portfolio of Nursing services in Primary Care.
  • Develop the care model based on the UBA (Basic Care Unit composed of doctor and nurse).

NEWS 2005

10-24-2005 AECA organizes a workshop on the law of dependency

AECA announces that next 
October 26 will be held in the auditorium of the Clinic Quirón a 
workshop on the future Law of Dependence. 
Government is determined to implement a National System for the Protection of 
Dependency, which will bring Spain closer to the care levels of the 
most advanced countries, rather than an effective response to the 
unmet needs of both dependent persons and 
their families. carers 
The Ministry of Labor and 
Social Affairs has drawn up the White Paper of the Unit at the request 
of the Government. The main objective of this work is to offer everyone
the social agents, administrations, scientific societies, etc. 
essential elements for reflection and subsequent debate before 
the law goes ahead. 
We do not want to miss the opportunity and we want this workshop to be 
a meeting point, which will serve to share aspects that 
we believe have not been taken into account in this book, as is the 
fundamental contribution offered by the nursing vision, 
thereby depriving the dependent person and their families of 
Quality Care , provided by nursing professionals such as 
The Government of Aragon, very sensitive to this issue, becoming
echo of said Unit Project and taking into account our 
capabilities and contributions to it, will make a first 
contact with the Nurses of Aragon, through the 
Aragonese Community Nursing Association , in the person of the IASS Manager. 
We look forward to your assistance, given the importance of the subject. 
Send us your registration and that of the colleagues who have interest, 
even if they are not members of AECA to the following FAX: 976 714354.

04-07-2005 AECA announces the celebration of the First International Congress of Community Nursing

AECA announces the celebration, during 
the next days 22, 23 and 24 September, of the I 
International Congress of Community Nursing

The First International Congress of Community Nursing will be held in Madrid on September 22, 23 and 24. Congress organized by the Federation of Associations of 
Community Nursing and Primary Care (FAECAP), of which AECA is a member. This congress has been recognized as of sanitary interest by the Ministry of Health and Consumption.

06-10-05 AECA presents its new website, the new website of the
Aragonese Community Nursing Association, aims to make
the association known through a medium as global as the Internet. Through the web page we announce who we are and what is the function of the association.

05-26-05 AECA is officially presented

AECA is officially presented on May 26, 2005, Thursday, at 5:00 p.m. at the Hotel Royal Zaragoza.

May 26, 2005

It is important to create a Scientific Association of 
Primary Care Nurses in Aragon whose objective is to defend 
Public Health through the promotion and prevention of health through 
work in the Community.

It is necessary to make our objectives known as one of the ways 
in which AECA professionals plan to work with the community, is to 
offer their knowledge to serve the needs of the 
population through the Neighborhood Associations.

The role of 
nursing professionals in primary care, in the application of treatments, the 
performance of electrocardiograms or spirometries, 
sample extractions , in diagnostic techniques, in the monitoring of 
chronic patients , in the care of immobilized patients is well known. , etc.; But 
the role of the nurse in the 
prevention of diseases and the detection of risk factors is not as well known or appreciated .

NEWS 2006

03-20-2006 AECA Prescription of Nursing

The President of AECA, Marina Francés requests an audience with the Minister of Health and Consumer Affairs.

On the 
occasion of the discussion in the Congress of the new Law of Medicine, 
Marina Francés has requested a hearing with the Minister of Health and 
Consumption of the Government of Aragon, to expose the aspirations of the 
Collective of Nursing regarding the prescription.

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